Thursday, October 6, 2016


"Wait, you what!?" Sarah exclaimed at me, more statement than question.  "And this was your idea?"

I had just gotten done telling her about the upcoming dinner I was making for Zach to hang out with Aaron and I.  She was looking at me skeptically. 

"What," I snipped.  "This isn't weird."  Or maybe that weird?

She shrugged her shoulders.  "If you say so.  Just be careful."

I rolled my eyes and went back to the task at hand.  We were taking our first run at looking at wedding color options with the wedding planner.  Sarah was helping me because Aaron didn't care.  He said he'd come along if I wanted him to, but he trusted my judgment and wouldn't be much help.  I knew him well enough to know that that was his passive way of saying please don't make me.  He agreed to go to everything final with me, and to any appointments that were super important like food samplings and such, as long as I just kept him in the loop.  I had agreed.  I cared much more about this stuff than he did, and I knew that.

The wedding planner, Wendy, flipped another page in the portfolio she was showing us with pictures from weddings she had planned, showing some of the themes and how they came together.  "You know," Wendy started," it would probably be helpful if you know exactly when you were getting married."

I frowned as I turned another page.  "Yeah, that would.  The problem is I've always dreamt of a spring wedding.  But I think I love the fall, rich colors more than the pastels.  Or even winter colors.  But definitely not summer. I don't want to be sweating in my pictures." Then I looked up and smiled at Wendy.

Wendy clasped her hands together.  "Oh, lady, all weddings no matter the time of year are beautiful.  If you are loving fall colors and really don't have strong inkling either way, why don't you go for the fall?  Plus, unless you're thinking spring 2018, it may be hard to find a beautiful location for your reception."

I nodded my head in agreement.  "When I get home tonight, I'll talk to Aaron about some dates.  Before our next appointment, I'll have a date nailed down."

"That seems like a good plan.  Now, let's move onto the next book."


Later, at lunch, Sarah asked me who was going to be in the wedding party.  It occurred to me I hadn't even asked anyone, yet.  I had been so caught up in all my feelings and excitement, that I hadn't gotten to the next phase!

"Well, obviously, you will be my maid of honor."

"Obviously," she rolled her eyes, "you didn't even need to tell me.  And I'm glad you didn't ask.  I would've been offended." She stuck her tongue out at me.  We laughed.

"Elena and Maddie will be bridesmaids.  I'm playing with the idea of Victoria, too.  But I'm not sure yet.  I need to talk to Aaron, too, about how many people will actually be in the wedding party.  Since we haven't been in a rush to set a date, I haven't thought this many details through."

"That makes sense.  I'm sure that no matter what, we will have a blast and your wedding will be quite the celebration."  Her expression turned serious, then.  "But, Aleah, seriously, I am so happy for you.  After everything that happened... I just love that you are happy."

I reached across the table and squeezed her hand.  "Thanks, Sar.  And I'm glad that you are happy, too!"

She blushed.  "I am."

We ate in silence for a little bit.

"Oh hey, I was thinking," she began.  "We should host a Halloween party in your old, my current house."

I grinned.  "Love it.  Make the Facebook invite now!"

And we spent the rest of lunch planning what would hopefully be the best party of the year.