Character List

I've decided to create a character list, because I've had people sometimes ask me "Who's That?"  So here is the "who's who" of Life by Aleah.  Also, added who would play them if this were a movie.  (Stole/borrowed the idea from because I thought it was excellent.  I mean, I know who these people look like, or what I think the fictional ones look like, but you guys don't!)

*Main Characters/Family/Friends*

Aleah:  Main character.  Growing and figuring out who she is.  Currently 21 years old and about to be a senior in college at the University of Nebraska (Lincoln) during the 2014/2015 school year.  On tennis team.  Works at racquet club.  (Minka Kelly)

Tom: Aleah's brother. (I don't know who this is, but this is who would play him.)

Sarah: Best friend/college roommate.  Throws discus on the track and field team.  (Ali Fedotowsky)

Maddie:  Best friend/college roommate.  Dating Gavin.  Runs on the cross country and track and field teams.  (Allison Stokke)

Elena:  Best friend/college ex-roomate.  Marrying Jeff on July 26, 2014.  Has one sister, Elle.  Parents are Gary and Barb.  (Olivia Wilde)

Joseph (Joe) Peterson:  Aleah's best guy friend.  Plays on the tennis team with her. Graduated spring of 2014.  (Lleyton Hewitt)

Matt:  Aleah's tennis coach  (Colin Farrell)

Pablo: The new tennis director.  Friends with Matt.  (Adam Rodriguez)

Nellie: Senior year roommate.  (Ariel Winter)

Falon: Best friend from high school. (Jana Mashonee)

Victoria:  Aleah's (temporary?) nemesis.  Luke's (ex?) fiancee.  (Jane Levy)

*Boy Talk*

Derek:  On and off boyfriend for about 2 years.  Broke up for good (or for now?) spring of junior year.  (Chord Overstreet)

Luke Hammond:  Ex-boyfriend of a couple months.  May or may not have drugged her with the help of his roommate, Nate.  Plays on the basketball team. (Zachary Levi)

James:  Works with Aleah at the Racquet Club.  Mutual attraction, but it's never been acted on.  (Chris Hemsworth)

Zach Andrews:  First, true love.  Will it be a forever love, though?  (Chace Crawford)

Chase Miller: Love interest. (Alex Pettyfer)

Detective Aaron Janakowski:  Detective Unknown.  (Thomas Beaudoin)


  1. Glad you did this! Gives me a visual. Do you not have an actor in mind for Tom? I didn't understamd the comment there.
    What about Aleah's parents?

    1. Oops. I didn't realize some of the photos had hyperlinks with photos. I understand the Tom comment now. Nevermind!

  2. Just curious, who would play Victoria? :)