Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Waltz

Called out on a homicide.  I won't be home tonight, go ahead and stay with Sarah.  Love you.

I showed Sarah my text from Aaron and she high fived me.  All bets were off if I didn't have to find my way home!

After the next game, the room was spinning and I felt great.  It was time to finally break the seal, so I headed to the bathroom.  Once I was finished I flung the door open and Zach was standing there with his hand up, about to knock.  "Oh!" I squeaked, startled, but then laughed.  "What are you doing here?" I questioned way too loud and sounding way too excited.

He smiled, and placed his hands on my shoulders to steady my swaying body.  "I wanted to make sure you weren't sick."

"Nope, and not planning on it, either!" 

Right then two people drunkenly shuffled by, stumbling into Zach, pushing him into me, knocking us into the bathroom.  Zach grabbed me by the waist with one hand and the arm with his other, to keep me from falling.

"I'm sorry, Aleah," he apologized, steadying me.

I shook my head.  "You didn't run me over on purpose!"  And I giggled some more.

Zach was backed up against the vanity.  I met his eyes, and he released my arm to brush some hair behind my ear that had fallen out of one of my ponytails.  His eyes flickered between my eyes and my lips.  Without thinking, I pushed myself onto my tiptoes and pressed my lips to his.  At first he didn't react, but then kissed me back. 

Our lips and tongues familiarly danced, like long lost lovers.  Midway through our waltz, Zach stopped and whispered into my mouth, "Aleah, we can't."

My thoughts were swirling at the pace of the spinning room, but were just out of grasp of comprehension.  "I know," I said, simply.

I lowered myself back down and turned to walk out the door.  Zach grabbed my hand, effectively diverting my attention back to him.  "I'm sorry, Aleah.  I shouldn't have..." he trailed off.  He reached up and grabbed the back of his neck, and wouldn't look at me.

I turned to face him and grabbed his face gently between my hands.  "Zach, this wasn't your fault."

He nodded once.

I turned again to walk out, but couldn't step out of the door.  There was something that just wouldn't let me away from him.  There was part of Zach that I just couldn't let go of.

I shut the bathroom door and found my way back against Zach, kissing him hard.  He hungrily kissed me back, guiding me up against the vanity, then grabbing the back of my thighs, just below my butt and hoisted me up on the ledge.  I ran my hands over his bare chest and abs, as his lips made their way along my jaw, to my ear lobe, down my neck.  I sucked in a sharp breath as his hands lightly grazed over my breasts, down to my waist.  He inched my skirt up and pressed himself against me. 

He was so turned on, and I was, too.  There was a small voice that was starting to make its way through my clouded, drunken thoughts, telling me I needed to stop.  My body definitely didn't want to, though.

Zach started rubbing me over the thin material of my thong, and soon I was mimicking the favor.  He pushed the material aside and easily slid a finger inside of me.

As soon as he did, it seemed to awaken something inside of me.  "No!" I gasped.  And I burst into tears.  Zach immediately removed his hand and started apologizing.  I shook my head.  "Just, no.  Zach, I can't.  Please, go."

He sadly nodded, placed a hand on the side of my head and bent to kiss my forehead, and then he was gone.

I slipped off the counter, locked the door, placed my back against it and dropped to the floor, sobbing.


  1. JustAGuyWithAFewQuirksNovember 18, 2016 at 8:14 AM


  2. Wow! Alcohol and old lovers are not a good combination

  3. Why oh why! I love Zack but that sucks! Team Aaron

  4. Alcohol had nothing to do with it. She knew exactly what she was doing. I'm not surprised at all. Aaron is going to be so hurt. mum